Junior Oceana Council Committee

Stephanie Bilet, Chair   Edward Scott-Clarke

Stephanie’s love for the oceans grew from spending her formative years crossing them. As a citizen of the world, born in Paris and raised between London and New York, the collective need to conserve our greatest shared asset became deep rooted in her. Stephanie has made a career of following one great passion- seduced by the sound of Bob Dylan and Ben Harper, she entered the music industry. Working for global leading talent agency CAA, she has pitched the profiles and coordinated the campaigns of many of music’s biggest names. And now, as the Junior Chair for the UK, she brings both this skill and enthusiasm to Oceana, working to instil their cause into the hearts of the next generation of influence-makers. From organising the prestigious launch event, to hosting talks with some of the world’s most important marine conservationists, she has successfully begun to diversify the funder base, increase the media exposure, and create a growing trend for Oceana's vital message.


Edward’s interest in the ocean began when he was really very young but it was his first job after university in a government foreign policy think tank that took that interest to the next stage. He worked as a researcher on environmental issues that could affect foreign policy (resource scarcity, climate change induced migration, etc) but became increasingly frustrated about the indifference the reports he helped write met with. He quit to put together a feature length documentary called Plastic Shores, a film about the effects of plastic pollution on marine environment. Despite the odds, and limited knowledge of cameras, the film was a success, premiering at the UN and thereafter screening in 16 countries in 6 different languages. Its success gave Edward a stepping stone into the film industry where he has been working ever since. Marine conservation is a passion he has continued alongside his profession with documentary and undercover journalism work in the turtle and shark conservation as well as helping with Oceana.

Marc-Phillipe Davies   Georgia Pownall

Marc-Phillipe Davies is a freelance consultant and has worked both in the film industry and investment management industry, recently as Head of Investments at Frontier Investment Management (a subsidiary of Gottex Fund Management, a leading provider of alternative investment management solutions) where he was Portfolio Manager of various multi-asset and alternative funds.  Marc is an accredited accountant (ACCA) and CAIA. He is also a keen diver, and shares a passion for marine conservation along with his fellow Junior Committee members.


Georgia Pownall studied Philosophy at Bristol University, which allowed a considerable latitude to pursue several of her interests fairly unencumbered, picking up experience and enthusiasm along the way that she now brings to bear to the benefit of the Junior Ocean Council Committee. A deep seated charitable sensibility and appreciation of art combined to see her co-found an art-based charity project called ‘State of the Art’, which raised over £25,000 for The Prince’s Trust. A love of film saw her pursue a career in production at Working Title Films, deploying her organisation skills to the credits of releases such as Bridget Jones, Rush, About Time, and Les Miserable. These came together to inspire a passion for the Oceans from a young age, beginning with her living out her Ariel fascination singing ‘Part of Your World’ on the sea shore.

Georgia truly believes in the tremendous power of Oceana to captivate people’s imaginations and protect our marine wildlife for generations to come.

Max Gates-Fleming   Henry Conway

Max was drawn to Oceana because of its very real potential to have a big positive impact through its fantastic work at policy and human level.

Max set-up Stitch Project, a not-for-profit that raises environmental awareness & funds for charities through the arts. Stitch is entirely volunteer based and hosts art events, such as exhibitions, photography competitions, film screenings and workshops for school children.

Inspired by working for TED Talks on their annual UK conferences and with a strong interest in starts ups, he has since helped launch a sustainable furniture shop on the King's Road and overseen the expansion of a Notting Hill jeweller. Now Max is setting up 'Bel-Air', a restaurant opening in Shoreditch focusing on fresh, 'Feel Good Fast Food'.


Henry is an expert on fashion trend, historical fashion, London culture and nightlife. As a journalist, he regularly guest edits Grazia’s Party People, writes regular features for The Guardian and The Mail on Sunday, and has contributed to The New York Times T Magazine, The Daily Telegraph, The New Statesman, The Daily Express, and indies and regional publications such as Super Super and Archant London. After graduating with both BA and MA in Art, Architectural and Fashion History at the Courtauld Institute of Art, his first book, Knit Couture (Collins and Brown) was published in the UK and US, and has sold 15,000 copies to date. Henry is a conservationist at heart, his passion for the ocean has turned him into one of its most passionate advocates.


Helena Dickie   Matt Langton

Whilst studying languages at Bristol University, Helena co-founded art-based charity project ‘State of the Art’, which raised over £25,000 for The Prince’s Trust and led onto volunteer work for the environmental organisation ‘Stitch’, and more recently for the Oceana Junior Council.

Following a year spent working in Berlin, Helena began a career in the arts, working first in classical music management and moving onto Live Entertainment & Festival Production via international talent booking agency CAA.

She is thrilled to be part of the Oceana Junior Ocean Council team and to be making use of London’s cultural scene to encourage awareness of the charity and the problems which face our oceans and sea life


Matt Langton studied Fine Art at The Ruskin School of Art, University of Oxford.

In 2004 he joined London's Albion Gallery where he subsequently became a Sales Director. Whilst at Albion he worked with various international artists and designers including Ai Weiwei, James Turrell and The Campana Brothers, as well as representing the gallery at global art fairs.

In 2010 he joined the international auction house Phillips as a Specialist in their Contemporary Art Department. Matt is a keen conservationist and is a dedicated member of the Oceana Junior Ocean Council.

Contributing Committee

Henry Simonds
Alexander Cooper
Sergio Penzo  
Felix Higgins-Stockden 
Ben Goldsmith